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10 Richest Rappers in South Africa 2018


South Africa has the lineup of richest rappers in Africa. in this article we have listed the top ten Richest Rappers In South Africa 2018.

The questions fans ask, are!! Who is the richest rapper in South Africa 2018?

1. Die Antwoord (Net Worth: R56 million.
Die Antwoord is a group of two spectacular rappers who have made great waves with the help of their rap skills.
Die Antwoord is South Africa’s richest rap group. With the annual earnings of R8 million and numerous global tours, it is believed that Die Antwoord will continue to soar high in coming years.

2. AKA (Net Worth: R4.8 million.
Here is another prominent character in South Africa’s lineup of rappers. Popularly dubbed AKA, this rapper rose into great stardom in 2011 and this came after choosing to bear the stage name AKA. In point of fact, he has been making a huge profit since he changed his stage name to AKA. In some measure, his music fortune came shortly after the launching of his first album titled Alter Ego.
Although was already a talented rapper during his teens, he became a superstar in 2011 and today, he is one of the spectacular South African rappers with a pretty number of endorsement deals. At the moment, he is worth R4.8 million rands.

3. Cassper Nyovest  (Net Worth: R3.2 million.

South African rapper (Cassper Nyovest) emerged into the music industry and made his mark within a short timeframe. South Africa’s music industry is dominated by a lot of talented rappers and great musicians. Owing to this, it is quite amazing that Cassper Nyovest has quickly risen with great influence despite the tight competition among rappers. Cassper is said to have achieved a great feat precisely through the endorsement deal he signed with MTN. Impressively, this distinguishes him as the South African artiste with the biggest endorsement deal.

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4. Khuli Chana.

Khuli Chana has been in the game for over 10 years now and has been a prominent brand for a long time. The rapper was also involved in an incident with the police when they confused him with someone else and opened fire on the rapper, the rapper is said to have made off  with a  R2.5 million settlement. Khuli also has some prominent business’s outside of the music industry .

5. K.O

Mr Cashtime is another rapper that came into the game about a decade ago with Teargas and has managed to start a successful solo career plus is also part owner of the Cashtime Life label which has artists like Nomoozie, KiD X and more.

6. J.R

J.R is a fortunate rapper to reckon with. He emerged into the music industry in the late 2000’s. He makes money through shows and mega endorsement deals. His rap lyrics have given him a significant edge as one of the richest rappers in South Africa. He once bagged an award –the Tropical Island –in addition to the sum of R1, 000, 000. Like few other rappers, he runs a number of thriving businesses to take his wealth beyond the


7. HHP

The King Of Maftown has been in the game for a long time now and was the most prominent rapstar in the country for a several of seasons straight.

8. Da LES

Da LES found his way into the entertainment industry –precisely with the release of Jozi. Since he came aboard, he has continually made waves with constant tours and hit songs. Obviously, fame isn’t at any distant stretch from him. He has it right around him. Only a few years ago, he bagged the Tropical Islands together with the sum of R1, 000, 000.

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9. Jack Parrow

Considered an outstanding rap star, Jack Parow is one of the richest South African rappers. Though his wealth doesn’t compare that to the rappers above, Jack Parow has taken the advantage of his rap skills to tour across Europe. In view of this, he has established a massive international audience.

10. Tumi Molekane (Stogie T)

Tumi Molekane Among The Richest Rappers in South Africa
Tumi is a renowned South African rapper who rose in popularity around the 2000’s. Fortunately, he is part of the South African rappers who have toured across the globe. Also, he maintains his reputation as the owner of a South African record label called Motif Records. Some of the stars signed to the label are Reason and Ricky Rick.
Tumi makes money from a number of sources but the robust part of his wealth is attributed to music. To signify his intense passion towards music as a career, Tumi has included a number of albums in his gallery.