2Baba, Eedris Abdulkareem Are My Best Endorsers Of All Time – Kenny Ogungbe

Famous media identity and worshipped music benefactor, Kenny Ogungbe sat down to talk with Saturday Beats, amid which he uncovered that in spite of the fact that he supported a swarm of music gifts through his name, Kennis Music, Tuface and Eedris Abdulkareem remain his best endorsers of all circumstances and he clarified why.
Affectionately alluded to as Baba Keke, he additionally portrayed the goes about as his closest companions.

“My most noteworthy artistes ever would be Tuface and Eedris Abdulkareem. With respect to Tuface, I call him my best artiste ever on the grounds that he sold the name Kennis Music and the most elevated number of records. I like Eedris Abdulkareem basically in light of the fact that he is clear and fair. Eedris is an extremely steadfast individual that would remain with you always,” Baba Keke said.

The music official uncovered how Eedris Abdulkareem left his record name.

“Eedris never left my record name dubiously. The agreement I marked with them was for deals and administration expense however it was just Tuface that was giving us administration charges, I did that for a long time till I held a gathering with my kin. I revealed to them that since it was just Tuface that was giving me administration charges, I could too overlook the others. I recall that I conceded a meeting with Ayeni and he subtitled the story, ‘Kennis Music sacks artistes aside from Tuface’. That was what happened. The artistes were vexed which is a typical response in light of the fact that in the event that I were in their shoes, I would be disturbed also yet everything was in the end settled. Eedris came to me and said that he had a melody, I tuned in to it and that is the way we began cooperating once more. Like I stated, Tuface, Eedris Abdulkareem are my two biggest companions,” he said.

Talking on how he met the two artistes, Baba Keke said that after Tuface left Plantashun Boiz, he came to meet him.

“Tuface came to me, I turned out poorly him. He came to me and said Baba, we should work. The first occasion when we met was while he was still with Plantashun Boiz; it was Tony Tetuila that acquainted him with me. I was considering marking Plantashun Boiz however they were with Nelson Brown, so I didn’t push. After their gathering split, Tuface came to meet me that we should cooperate and I concurred. I didn’t require any affirmation that he is an extraordinary person. He is unassuming, delicate and extremely capable.
“I marked Eedris and the Remedies on the grounds that their music was one of a kind. Nobody was doing the sort of music that they did. It was exceptionally honest to goodness, young and vivacious. It was similarly appealing. I didn’t have any acquaintance with them before I marked them however the first occasion when I heard their tune, I broadcast it on the radio. At that specific time, Dr. Raymond Dokpesi had educated us to look for Nigerian artistes and there was no one till I met them. Their tune, ‘Shakomo,’ was recorded by the Ray Power maker who later turned into their official music maker. They had at first recorded the melody at Alagbado yet it was not sufficiently clear, so we needed to re-influence it at the Ray To control studio,” he said.

He additionally expressed the motivation behind why he couldn’t stop the partition of The Remedies regardless of the way that they were under his record name.

“On the off chance that a gathering is as one and they need to go their different ways, in the event that you endeavor to stop them, you are squandering your opportunity since they are the ones that realize what they are experiencing. They are the ones wearing the shoe and they are the main ones that know where it harms,” Baba Keke said.