A Pass Thinks He Has Money, But He’s Still Poor- Bebe Cool

Just as you think our musicians make too much money from their music, the other musicians will come out and shock you. Alex Bagonza aka A Pass came out last week and bragged about how much money he invests and makes from music, but now Bebe Cool has said otherwise.
Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has said that A Pass thinks he makes good money from Music but he is instead still very poor and that he can make more money from his music than the very little he gets now and brags about.
“A Pass thinks he gets enough money from music but all Ugandan musicians are still poor. A Pass can make more money from music because that 700Million he says he gets i can use it to just drive two cars which is very little money since i spend UGx 20Million on myself every week.” Said Bebe Cool.
Bebe Cool said all this during a live TV Interview with MC Kats when he found him in Gym to premiere his latest videos “Want it” and “I Do” featuring Charly na Nina.”