Bebe Cool Asks for 250Million to Battle Jose Chameleone

The battle between Jose Chameleone and the Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool, the one that their fans have been over anticipating for to find out who the music giant is is about to go down even though they will have to wait a little longer as Bebe has asked for UGX 250Million.
According to sources close to the “Want it” hitmaker Bebe Cool, he has asked for UGX 250m, yet Jose Chameleone had settled for 200m shillings hence prompting Promoter Balaam to push the battle to a further date.
According to promoter Balaam, the organiser of the battle, Bebe Cool did this out of fear and cowardice, asking for a huge some of money he himself (Bebe Cool) has never collected in any of his past shows.
“This shows that he is scared; he is looking for means of pulling out but the battle has to go on. We need to clear out who really is a legend in this industry,” Balam said