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Bryan White Chases Away Bafana From his Home

The money bags tycoon one Kirumira Brian alias Bryan White is furious with musicians who compose songs praising him without his knowledge with the aim of draining money from him.
Following the recent scenario where one Lucky Costa went on social media and other media platforms attacking the tycoon of failing to fulfill his alleged pledge, Brian lined him up the upcoming artist to hand the pledged money over to him but was later tip toed by police that the said artist was involved in various theft cases and had been filed up a case a police.
However, the most shocking news reaching Blizz Uganda news desk reveals how the “Akalulu” hit maker Ziza Bafana stormed the studio recorded a praising song to Bryan white and later went to the the tycoon’s premises but was later chased by the frustrated tycoon who called him for fowl playing trying to con money out of him.
According to one of the eye witnesses, he say Bafana was ordered to leave Bryan White’s premises as the tycoon was over heard telling him that he has a team of artists who he said that can sing him songs whenever he wishes .

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