Video: Bryan White Lied About Spending 15 Years in Italy

City socialite and self styled philanthropist and money bags Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White well known for splashing money has made a good name for himself through his Charity works after claiming that he was in Italy for over 15 Years but now fresh info shows otherwise.
A few days ago, a little dirt was swept from under Bryan White’s carpet and it revealed that the city tycoon was in Uganda even during singer AK47 ceremony burial in 2015 after a photo surfaced but even even a video has come out proving that he was in the country and not in Italy as he was claiming.
Bryan whose source of money still confuses many says that he inherited huge sums of money and estate properly from his late Muzungu Step Father who was based in Italy. He also said that him and his sister were just taken to Europe by their mother who was married to the old Muzungu man.
But the contradiction comes in where he says he spent 15 years away from Uganda and came back last year. In addition to that , many still wonder why he did not pick up the Italian accent as he grew up.