Chagga is Going to Help Me Become Bigger than Jay-Z- Weasel Manizo

After having a successful Easter party in the UK singer Weasel Manizo disclosed that he was approached with a number of world musical icons with whom were sending him condolence messages of the fallen musical pattern Late Radio and several pledging to do musical collaboration with the ‘Toyitaba’ musician.
Blizz Uganda learned of the development when the singer was sharing about his UK experience coupled with the hospitality accorded to him by his fans while in London.
However, in a related development the musician cleared the air about the recent burst up with his manager Chagga with various scenarios of ‘firing’ him. Weasel disclosed that there was a mixed reaction after he had lost his brother and musical pattern late musician Radio Sekibogo coupled with negative public criticisms.
“Fine Chagga is my Brother and of course people in a family have misunderstandings and later solve them amicably and therefore I want to assure even that Chagga is my brother and we are in good terms, we don’t sign contracts but ours is a brotherhood thing” Weasel affirmed.
Meanwhile, the musician has promised to unleash several musical projects to prove his critics wrong with his major one “good over evil”.
I have a lot of good music coming up and I shall be bigger than Jaz Z just watch the space” Weasel lamented.