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Everyone Wants to Steal Radio’s Property and Am the Only Guy Protecting them- Weasel


Ever since the talented Goodlyfe singer Mowzey Radio died, his fellow singer and brother Weasel Manizo has been going through alot especially criticism from people who say that the self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White takes advantage of him, now he has roared back.
Through an Instagram post, a one person came out and commented that Weasel needs to take a break since Radio was the singer and creator so now his career is finished as he remains to only ride on Bryan White.
“Don’t be fake…u guys named radio all sorts of names…he was HIV+ like u people said and now u call him LEGEND after he died…..everyone is playing our songs from 5 years ago like it’s new…..wow….all those songs are too old …,and that’s the reason my brother died…u didn’t show him love……and now u want to show u care….thanks for all de hatred u showed him before….am too strong that am alive now but u guys still want to kill me too….don’t be fake…show love where it deserves….. let me enjoy my life…I don’t have a contract with u….u were not there to pick up those pices before they got broken….pliz am a father let me be.” roared Weasel.
The”Tokyayitaba” hitmaker also went ahead to say that there are alot of people trying to steal Mowzey Radio’s property and the only person standing in their way is Weasel who keeps on fighting for it.
“am de only guy fighting for his property…..everyone wants to steal but u still don’t know….” Weasel Added.

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