Fatta Takes Issues To Court, Victor Kamenyo To Face It Rough

We informed you regarding how Derrick Katongole assumed name Victor Kamenyo was in hot soup over tune pilfering where a one Nakazzi Lillian otherwise known as Fatta was charging him for encroaching her melody copyrights and pilfered her tune called Tuzina Tulumya and he rather called it Tunyumilwa which he has shot the video for even. In any case, now he is nearly confronting prison.
Fatta through her legal advisors Byamugisha, Lubega, Ocieng and Co. Supporters have issued an expectation to sue letter to Victor Kamenyo on the above charges and he was given a final offer of seven days to go and meet a one Joseph Lubega who i9s the legal advisor and settle the issue on individual grounds unless something else.
What’s more, on the off chance that he keeps rebellious, he will consequently confront courts of laws that may come about him to be imprisoned. It ought to be recollected that when we revealed about the issue, Victor Kamenyo was as yet disobedient stating that he is off that bar of pilfering other artistes’ melodies and he was not prepared to confront Fatta or any attorney about the issue.