For accusing Olamide of money rituals, Kemi Olunloyo got struck by thunder

A few years back, dubious blogger, Kemi Olunloyo manhandle Olamide, blaming him for grasping custom routine in his music vocation, only for thunder to nearly strike her down when she was washing her fabric on a table.
Uncovering how she was struck by Thunder, She composed:

1. Toward the beginning of today at 8:06am I was struck by lightning behind my home in an early morning storm. It was a bolt the entire city saw. I jumped to the ground quick before it hit the ground. It hit the table I was washing on. My heart halted for 20 secs and was restored. #hnnenvironment
2. My specialist recommended anxiolytic meds to quiet my nerves and palpitations. I rested 4 hours. I have an inclination that I DIED and returned. My father says I have 9 lives and today he’s correct. Regardless i’m shaken. PLS stay inside in any tempest paying little mind to evident lightning or not. Thx to everybody”.
In any case, a more seasoned tweet demonstrated that Kemi Olunloyo likely got struck by Thunder owed to a claim she made about Olamide in which she announced that he does cash ceremonies.
See her screen capture beneath;