Gravity Omutujju Is Lyrically Weak – Feffe Busi

Self broadcasted Ugandan Smallest Lugaflow rapper Frank Mukiza nom de plume Feffe Busi has again solidified his aggravation with other lugaflow rappers revealing how enormous he is in connection to them, an a valid example being Gravity Omutujju who he has respected to be melodiously weakened and needs additional help in order to gloat his amusement.
Months in the wake of dropping his hit melody WHO IS WHO that was heaped with nostalgic and passionate put-down coordinated to Gravity Omutujju say being a kin to the planet of chimps and expressively debilitated having spoilt his hit tunes he had composed for him, Feffe is still so annoyed with the ‘Embuzi Zakutudde’ artist and appears not to excuse him per now.
On Friday morning while at the same time showing up on 100.2 Galaxy FM Zzina as a visitor artiste in the Morning Saga, Feffe Bussi when requested to say what number of hit tunes he created for Gravity Omutujju, he has been so candid like his name to put them straight that is ‘Champ’, ‘Walumbe Zaaya’ among others that he spoilt in this way encouraging him not to botch up with circumstances in the event that they emerge to him as he did when he chose to destroy the music ventures he had put on table for him.
“Indeed, I penned for him down hit tunes like WINNER, WALUMBE ZAAYA,among others that I gave over to him and later exhibited them inadequately,” mourned rapper Feffe Bussi.
In spite of the verses’ grievance with ‘omutujju’, Feffe Bussi has again affirmed that he is so touch and an awesome companion of colleagues Fik Famieca and Gravity Omutujju regardless of the apathies with studio work.