I’m Upset Drake

Drake I’m Upset

We wonder what Drake will be Upset about?. After having achieved so much in his career. Following the success of his music  video God’s plans  where he  touched lives using that platform.
We thought that would have made him a happy man, YES it Did! But this time Drake is Upset with other things like n*ggas wanting to get him for his songs.

Disrespect limit are upto 50k, his offended he has double checks, due to that many dudes want him out of the way.
Also he said they try to get him for his song, we guess this, verse, talks about the beef between him and Pusha T, which started after Pusha took shots at Drake in his new song ‘Infrared.

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ut Drake got upper hand as Nicki Minaj who they both had complicated relationship for some years now, came to his rescue in a tweet defending him. Trust that was why Drake said his thankful for the woman he knows.
He said his friend is still paying for child support since 1991, but the keep asking him if his cool with that. He replied,  I’m Upset.

Take a listen below to all that made Drake “Upset” in this new track he called I’m “Upset”.

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