Jude Okoye Was Accused By A Fan For Splitting P’square

Nigerians did not effectively overlook something, regardless of whether they are close-lipped regarding it, they most certainly have no chill.
Jude Okoye, the previous supervisor of the introduction Psquare music aggregate and senior sibling of the Psquare twins, have gotten what he haggled from fans when he took to instagram to compliment Wizkid on the achievement of his simply finished up Afrorepublik show which made him an incredible N30m.

It happened today toward the evening, that Jude got a different measure of assaults via web-based networking media from Psquare fans who appears to have decline to give up in light of the fact that it is possble the twins would have performed at the show notwithstanding the split.
While larger part said he is the significant reason for the split others excessively reprimand him for not possessed the capacity to rejoin his own particular siblings.