Judith Babirye Narrates How She Almost Killed Herself

Gospel artist And Parliamentarian Judith Babirye is a standout amongst the best and skilled artistes in Uganda with various tunes, effective shows to her name and she has accomplished a considerable measure as a lady and an open figure however when you hear her out story, you can even shed as she has conveyed damnation on her back before she made it to where she is.
While making a solid disclosure as she was portraying her story amid a supper at Serena Hotel, among the things she said was the disheartening news of her endeavor at suicide as a result of pressure, dismissal, neediness and numerous others.
“I escaped marriage when it was excessively. I achieved a state of harming myself yet I needed to hang on for what the future may bring,” Judith Babirye uncovered.
She kept on attesting that she is a genuine motivation as she originated from the town conveying sacks of charcoal however now she eats from Serena.
“I originated from the town however look, I drive a V8 now and I am in Parliament. I conveyed sacks of charcoal and never longed for coming to Kampala however now I eat at Kampala Serena Hotel” she added to the effectively enthusiastic group.