Lady Zamar – Monarch

Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter

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Lady Zamar has return in 2019 with a new project “Monarch”. Monarch is an album that housed 20 tracks. Zamar did not experiment much with collaborations on this project.

However, she was selfless enough to bring two notable heavyweights in international music to voice on the work, “Low Low involved Tellaman, while Freedom also involving “Rapsody”,. Before the release of the project Zamar promoted Monarch with tracks like “This Is Love, Mina Nawe and What You Need.

Check out the tracklist below.

1: Lady ZamarThis is Love 

2: Lady Zamar –  Adore

3: Be Mine

4: Delirium

5: Sunshine

6: Donatella

7: I Wish

8: Destiny

9: Lady ZamarMore and More

10: Our Process

11: Dangerous Love

12: Lady ZamarICU

13: Delaware

14: Lady Zamar – Addiction

15: Lady Zamar – Mary jane

16: Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter

17: Lady Zamar – Say Yes

18: Lady Zamar – Low Low Ft. Tellaman

19: Lady Zamar – Fat girl

20: Lady Zamar – Freedom Ft. Rapsody


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