Lil Wayne Reunites with Birdman! Now at the Studio

Lil Wayne & Birdman in the Studio

Many might say beef is sometimes good for the music business, due to it enhance the promotion of new projects.
But in the likes of Father and Son *Lil Wayne and Birdman* revars was the case, Birdman has been on the bad book of Lil Wayne  for few years.
Lil Wayne has express his feeling towards the situation with hate speech like “F*ck Cash Money”, but in the recent days, the dudes have been spotted in each other’s company a few times, the most recent instance being at Club LIV in Miami in March.
The word on the street has it that the both parties are reaching on a fair agreement towards their legal case between Birdman’s label and Lil Wayne’s parent company, Universal Music.
That is a good news rtight,? Recently they where both spoted in the studio doing what they both knowns what to do best.

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Congrats to the dudes