M.I Abaga Wins First Headies ‘Lyricist On The Roll’ Award

Since his 2008 breakout, M.I Abaga has kept up an uncommon type of consistency that has kept him on the hip-bounce director’s seat even till this day. The Chocolate City rapper has recorded a few triumphs including various honors however the Headies ‘Lyricist on the Roll’ grant stayed tricky until yesterday.
Following a time of making hip-bounce records, M.I Abaga at long last won the Headies ‘Lyricist on the Roll’ grant at the twelfth version of the honor function, which held at the Convention Center, Eko Hotel and Suites on Saturday, fifth of May, 2018.
The Chocolate City man has passed up a major opportunity for the honor on a few events and he has communicated his disappointment at missing out on the honor in a portion of his tunes. In a melody titled ‘NotJustOk/Savage’ on his Illegal Music III blend tape, he communicated his dissatisfaction utilizing the line,

“To the headies wassup
You my fam tho I wish you the good luck
You’ve been a gift to the diversion to loads of us
However, that lyricist grant mehn we got the opportunity to talk
Not tryna say I merit the arrangement
Cause I f*ck with everybody who developed in that
The criteria of the win it doesn’t support the men
Spitting new crude poo that is word and certainties
Talking from the heart mama pace producer
Ain’t terrified of unsettling quills on the off chance that it might spare the
Amusement once again allows take care of business
End of the day mehn it’s simply music”

M.I Abaga would feel achieved now that he asserted the already tricky honor at the twelfth Headies Award for his questionable single titled ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.’ He likewise won the honor for ‘Best Rap Single’ on the significant night.