Nicole Nyaba – I’m Not AKA’s Side Chick or Main Chick

*Model Nicole Nyaba has addressed rumors fingering her as AKA’s other girl while the rap mogul was with Bonang Matheba. The rumor started after Nicole posted a photo posing beside AKA’s BMW.
**Speaking on Trending SA, the 26 year old said, “First of all, I was not AKA’s side chick, I was not the main, I was nothing to him, unfortunately, I didn’t know what Kiernan’s car would look like to be honest with the whole of SA,
***I really didn’t know that was his car, I only found out afterwards when everyone was making a fuss about it. I had never been in that car,”
***8She also said she is not dating anyone while admitting she is attempting to venture into rap. “Gemini [Major] is literally my mentor,
****I’ve just started doing music right now, so he’s been helping me out to train my voice”