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Rapper Truth Threatens to Join the Current Rap Battle

As we are being entertained by several rappers in the music industry who are busy replying to Fefe Busi the smallest rapper’s song Who is Who, we have still come to know of many rappers who are in the rap game as they all hit back to him. And is from this point that the Look At me, So Firm rap god as he calls himself known as Truth has threatened to join and rub everyone in the raced off.
It should be remembered that it is hardly four weeks since Fefe Busi released his hit diss Who is Who where he attacked many rappers and even asserted that those he didn’t mention he doesn’t know them something that turned the red knob of rappers to come up and hit back to him including Da Agent, Jim Nola, Recho and many more. So here the rap god has shown interests of coming in and wrap all the battle up with a super diss.
In his words, he asserted that he wants to show all hip hop artistes that rap isn’t about spitting disses and lines, but it is about real rap and diss at the same time. “I would like to join the battle because am not feeling any rap in the disses released, I want to do a real rap song for the hip hop lovers to get fed on real hip hop not mere disses” Truth the Look At Me hit maker quipped to our Blizz mole. All we are doing is to wait for him and see what he brings not just threats.

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