Spice Diana Buys Apartments Worth 400 Million

We have to accept the fact that songbird Spice Diana has been blessed in this year and just like the late Radio Mowzey had prophesized upon her that this year 2018 will be hers, indeed it has come to be true because of the rate at which she is skyrocketing with success in the music and social scenes is alarming stating the newly acquired apartment along.
Let us take you through it well, she has managed to release three powerful hit songs/projects that include Thirty two (32) with Weasel, Kyuuma with Goodlyfe and of recent she dropped Nasimatuka Ex which are all doing well on radio, clubs and television. To add on that, she just opened up her 32 Records an audio recording studio which is based in Makindye.
And now God has blessed her with another piece which is an apartment which she now fully own through her manager Lubega Rogers who has helped her achieve all this from her music. The sweet news about this is that they have paid a whopping 400 million plus for the apartment in Makindye still and this makes Spice one of the artistes that are living large currently in Uganda’s music industry.