Weasel’s Life Turns More Sour, He Loses It All

Since vocalist, musician and artiste Radio Mowzey kicked the bucket, his after death occasions have called for one-sided perceptions and conclusions particularly from the Goodlyfe camp to the late Radio’s family as we as a whole realize that Chagga left Goodlyfe administration, numerous things switched up to the current beating of Frank Sekibogo, Radio’s sibling by Weasel.
Presently the and news that Weasel includes the effectively terrible circumstance is that he has pursued Radio’s mom (Kasuubo Jane) frame one of the houses Radio abandoned as this occasion takes after the current Frank’s beating, he didn’t begin from their as he had likewise jested that he possesses Angel Music which was notable to be Radio’s and numerous increasingly where he says he is doing all that to secure Radio’s property.
These drags us to holding our cards again and ask ourselves for what reason Weasel has turned out to be so defensive to Radio’s property and what next after his association with Radio’s family has turned sour? It ought to be additionally recollected that his association with Goodlyfe fans turned sour long time after he instructed them to uncover Radio’s body and eat it something that constrained the fans to change the names of the major Goodlyfe online networking records and demonstrate to him a red card.
As though that was insufficient, we are again dependably educated that the same staunch fanatics of Goodlyfe subsequent to criticizing Weasel as their artiste, they constrained Bobi Wine’s sibling Daxx Vibes to discharge the cooperation melody he had with Radio and they are as yet prepared to continue discharging Radio’s music and disregard Weasel down.