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What do brand ambassadorships mean for South African celebs?


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Being a brand ambassador is not just about physical appearance; it also requires the chosen person to have skills that will help the company to increase awareness of their brand. More often than not, companies hire already celebrities to promote their brand, possibly because of the apparent popularity.
Even fans who love to bet on games with sports entertainment South Africa would agree that brand ambassadorships play a somewhat important role when it comes to choosing their favorite teams.
Brand ambassadorships for South African celebs gives them the opportunity to reach out to their fanbase, and be in the minds of people, all the time. Also, it’s a good way to earn more.
Brand Ambassadorship in South Africa: What You Need to Know
With the heightened celebrity culture in South Africa, local and international brands have tapped their exceptional celebrities to take it up a notch. Celebrities like Maps Maponyane have been chosen by Samsung to be the face of their company.
Other favored celebrities include NomzamoMbatha who is going represent Puma in a positive light, Cruz Vodka has elected AKA, Ciroc picked CassperNyovest to help them increase their brand awareness, Courvoisier has selected BonangMatheba, and Minnie Dlamini will be representing GH Mumm.
This opportunity seems to be a pretty simple task, especially if the brand ambassador is already famous. There is really something about popularity that makes it easy to convince people to believe whatever you want to say. While this chance to influence others to support the brands looks easy to achieve, in reality, it is not.
Most of the ambassadorship deals necessitate exclusivity, which means, brand ambassadors are not allowed to be seen in public with other brands from a similar niche. What they post on the social media accounts is an important part of the agreement, too. They are also expected to host gigs and to have certain appearances in events held by the company.
Two of the famous brand ambassadors of GH Mumm today include Minnie Dlamini and Usain Bolt. As to what it brings to the table for a sports person when it comes to a brand ambassadorship, the answer differs.  According to Minnie, her role as an ambassador for the champagne brand is to spearhead all GH Mumm events in the country. It also includes stimulating the brand’s social media presence.
Does your Business need a Brand Ambassadorship?
It all depends on the business scale you are looking at. If you’re marketing on a large scale, brand ambassadorships are a great way to build on brand loyalty and ensure that customers trust your product just that wee bit more.
Remember, brand ambassadorship is a marketing strategy.
It is effective when the selected people have what it takes to be one. Again, physical appearance is not only the key factor to being an effective brand ambassador; knowledge of and appreciation for marketing is also necessary. People relations skills, leadership, passion, and professionalism, are also part of the package. It may not be easy to be one, but it is worth it.

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